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Bottom of the Barrel

Bottom of the Barrel” was created for the heavy juice users...the


notorious...”Drippers”. We all know about those overpriced eliquids...and we know


that if we “dripped” at that wouldn't be cost efficient. So we are offering


a 80/20 Max VG limited flavor line that meets the ADV (All Day Vape) standard


without breaking the bank. We, at Enchanted Elixirz, do our best to provide the


community with great tasting ejuice for a fair price. All "Bottom of the Barrel"


eliquids come in 120mL size only.


  • Poorage

    "Poorage" is a Glazed Cinnamon Danish ejuice that is cheap...yet...easily an All Day Vape. This vape will go   extremely well with your morning coffee.   **Bottom of the Barrel is currently sold online, exclusively by Enchanted Elixirz...

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  • Tourmaline

    Formerly known as Emeralds in the buried treasures line... Tourmaline is A Watermelon Bubblegum vape that is sure to satisfy your palette all day and at an incredible price point too.   WARNING! This product is intended for use by adults of legal...

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